Investigating, doing research, inventing, creating, organising, undoing, disorganising...
Meeting the Other Person , confronting me to myself and to the material world, in my own way, with my own means which are ’occasional ’...
That’s what I’m busy with since 1987 and I will continue from the present moment.
I’m leading my battle, contesting and condemning false pretenses, arrogance, stupidity and mischievousness.
Observing our cities as an uncertain territory that emerges from our lives and from our visions who are questioning our mysterious humanity,
In such a way I defend creation that emerge from intense moments of tension, in opposition to the abandoned regions of the brain, to renouncement, to anesthesi .
There is my area, my working-space, where the game is deep and the sharing most interesting whatever the discipline that is used such as Collage, or a staged play, a performance or when working in a workshop, on stage, in the street or in nature with professionals and non-professional.
Sometimes it devastates and wounds the hart, but it’s a search for peace between the ruins, it is quietness that fills the world whenever we surrender to the splendor of it.
The old wise man saying that we should observe for a long time the movements of the other persons. As we finally perceive the interior movement, we will approach them and join their breath when we dance together.

NEWS 04/23

  • -White Sheets participation to the ’dag van de Dans’ 29/04/2023 with some non-professionel dancers @Place Morichar à 15:00 et 17:00
  • K.V. dances in What Remeans by Zoé Demoustier
  • weekly classes: from Sept. > june : contempory dance classes @ Pianofabriek
  • YOGA classes @Anderlecht centre ALETHEIA