Investigating, researching, inventing, creating, organising, undoing, disorganising...
Meeting the other person, confronting myself with myself and the material world, in my own way, with my own means, which are ’occasional’...
That’s what I’ve been doing since 1987 and I’ll continue from now on.
I’m fighting my battle, contesting and condemning false pretences, arrogance, stupidity and mischievousness.
I look at our cities as an uncertain territory that emerges from our lives and from our visions that question our mysterious humanity,
In this way, I defend the creation that comes from intense moments of tension, as opposed to the abandoned regions of the brain, to renunciation, to anaesthesia.
There is my field, my workspace, where the play is deep and the exchange is most interesting, whatever the discipline used, such as collage, or a staged play, a performance, or when working in a workshop, on stage, in the street or in nature, with professionals and non-professionals.
Sometimes it’s devastating and wounding, but it’s a search for peace between the ruins, it’s the silence that fills the world when we surrender to its splendour.
The old wise man says that we should watch the movements of others for a long time. When we finally perceive the inner movement, we will approach them and join their breath as we dance together.

NEWS 05/24

- 17/05 >29/06 vernissage EXPO collage https://www.instagram.com/trame.brussels Avenue Van Volxem 71 - Forest